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PixelJunk 4am

[Update: I totally forgot to update everyone. Congrats to Ryan McNeal for winning! Here is his review.]

If you know anything about Q-Games, you know the studio doesn't do things the normal way. Its PixelJunk games tend to defy genre conventions (if you can even classify them into genres to begin with). And they're all a little weird. So when it came time for reviews of its latest, PixelJunk 4am, a music synthesizer/visualizer for the PlayStation Move, it didn't take long for the developer get on board with Bitmob and GamesBeat's alternative way of doing gaming coverage.

So Q-Games sent us two downloadable codes: one for a staffer (see our story: The 5 stages of PixelJunk 4 am) and one for a community member. The team there would like to see what a non-industry writer thinks about its "game" through an article on Bitmob (which will also appear on GamesBeat). And to give him a taste of what it's like to be in the professional press, Q also wants to send our chosen author a free PixelJunk 4am T-shirt (pictured below) on top of the free game code. Call it a bribe if you must, but we all get swag, so now one lucky winner can, too.

If you're interested in getting in on this action, you must:


We will select one winner/writer in a day or two. If we pick you, you must promise to play the game (via the code that we'll send you) and put your thoughts down in a Bitmob article (via the "new post" link in the upper-right, after you log in). Positive, negative…review or something completely different…it's up to you what you write. Just don't let the free shirt (which we'll send you after the story's up) influence you — just have fun with the game and the post!

PixelJunk 4am code - front

The front of the shirt (man not included)

PixelJunk 4am shirt - back

The back