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Hello Bitmob community! I suppose I should make one of these. My name is Joseph Jordan, most call me Mason though. I am a newly graduated kid from the small town of Quilcene, Washington.


My love of video games started way back when I was introduced to my first game I remember playing, Hogans Alley. This is what began not only my love for video games, but also for the great peripherals that enhance the experience. Okay that was a lie. It was only last year that I decided that I wanted to take my love of video games and share it with other people. Bitmob has become quite the eye-opener for me, it has shown me what I am good at, and what I need to improve on, I have also met many good friends on here as well.


My first article was a list of the top 7 favorite games based completely off nostalgia. It wasn't until my third article, my video game music piece, that I got a taste of what having your article on the front page and read by thousands was like. It was from that point that I decided that instead of writing about sports, that I wanted to write my number one hobby. I have just graduated high school and although the future isn't clear, I do know what path I want to take. I plan on attending college this fall, eventually majoring in Journalism.


So that's me Bitmob, thank you for taking the time to read about me and I hope you guys continue to enjoy my writing as I most certainly will enjoy yours, keep on playing!