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Silver Age Batman

Current rumors suggest that developer Rocksteady's next Batman game will be a prequel to its previous titles, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The new game will supposedly take place in the comic-book world's Silver Age (between 1956 and 1970), and if that turns out to be true, Rocksteady has a pretty big job ahead of it. How can it transport the dark, rusty-metal versions of Batman villains it established in the previous installments to a more stylized, squeakier-clean time period?

Here are a few suggestions of baddies that the developers might use, and how to reverse-engineer them to the Adam West Era.

Killer Croc

Killer Croc

Arkham version: Waylon "Killer Croc" Jones is a giant, terrifying monster, more animal than man, who promises on more than one occasion to eat Batman.

Silver Age version: Wally Jones, host of the children's television program "The Happy Crocodile," finds himself unemployed when the network cancels his show. Jones swears revenge on the executives responsible and promises to strike down all who stand in the way of happiness. He steals his once-cheerful costume and robs banks as the terrifying criminal, "The Killer Croc."




Arkham version: Bane is a brilliant strategist who obtains incredible physical strength through repeated use of Venom, a glowing green hyper-steroid.

Silver Age version: The most brilliant minds in the Soviet Union spent years perfecting a formula that would bestow superhuman strength and intelligence upon anyone who drank it. Bane, their only successful test subject, is a Russian superman who pledges to break the back of Capitalism…starting with millionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne.


Mr. Zsasz

Arkham version: Victor Zsasz is a depraved serial killer who tallies his kills on his own body.

Silver Age version: Meticulous Victor Zsasz has dedicated his life to bringing order to chaos as a corporate efficiency expert. One day, he finds an office that is so disorganized that it drives him over the edge to a life of crime. Zsasz fastidiously plans and executes a series of daring robberies, keeping a careful list of the items he plans to steal and checking them off as he goes.