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Geek soap

My weakness for Dragon Quest-related items is well known at this point, but didn't you want one of these adorable soaps the moment you saw them [via TinyCartridge]:

Geek Soap is an online retailer specializing in, well, geeky bathing goods. The Dragon Quest soaps above look curiously like the figure Square Enix sold during the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. I only know that because an amazing Bitmob community member sent me a set of DQ slimes from that very convention.

I'm sure Square has sold millions of those figures since then, but I'll always associate this particular slime shape with Comic-Con.

If you're looking to procure your own batch of gaming soap, you'll have to wait until the first of August. The shop's temporarily closed while the owner is on vacation. Ugh, don't they know that this time of year is when we're all most likely to spend money on superfluous things to fill the gaming void? 

Or maybe that's just me….