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You have traversed two levels of the cavern, you have full health and a shotgun. Just as you are getting to the exit you notice a golden idol. Knowing it could be worth thousands you venture to pick it up. Once it's in your hands you feel a rumbling, two seconds later a boulder comes hurdling at you from above. Splat, you die. That is the type of game that, the former PC exclusive, Spelunky is, a truly unforgiving game.

In Spelunky you take control of a small explorer, or spelunker. As this explorer you will adventure into many types of caverns, from the basic rock caves, to ice caves and foliage covered ones. Your main goal is to make it through the four randomly generated caverns to the ultimate treasure, and it isn't as easy as it sounds. Spelunky, while innocent looking, is very masochistic in its difficulty, which is a great thing for fans of games like Super Meat Boy or Trials, but for people who are maybe less informative, buying for the look of it, it could be quite the frustrating time. The actual gameplay is addicting and rewarding, with items like shotguns, jetpacks and climbing gear to be found, or bought, the game makes you want to play just one more level. The game won't make it easy on you though, with snakes, bats, cavemen, and many other things that are looking to make your spelunking frustrating, the game forces you to take your time, which for a game with such great controls, will take patience.

Unfortunately the game, while having local 4 player co-op, has no online multiplayer, which seemed like a no brainer for a game like this, but it's definitely not needed to enjoy the game. The price is also a little steep for the content you're getting, especially since the game is also free on PC.

Overall the game is a great time waster with a pretty big difficulty curve. I recommend anyone who is a fan of a challenge to buy the game. If you're on the ropes about you can always try it for free on the Spelunky website, and if you like it I'm sure the devs would love your support.