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With games moving forward and indie games becoming more mainstream, a lot of publishers are adjusting their business model.  Unlike the days of old, when a game was sold, a company could make a game that might not perform well but they would still be in business.  Now with the state of games having a quantity requirement to make money off the product, some risk closing down or cancelling projects and shutting down some of their studios.  
We know about the financial problem one company has endeared and if they do close, would any of us miss it?  THQ has been a company known for the WWE franchise and some of the movie games when they started out.  Later, they had build their portfolio of games like Saint’s Row,  Red Faction, and De Blob.  Though some were good and some passable, a lack of sales has put them in a bad position by selling some of their franchises and closing down some of their studios.  Now with the leadership of Jason Rubin, formerly from Naughty Dog, THQ might have chance to be in a better position financially.
That’s good and all but do they think that’s the Majesco Miracle they need? At this moment, they have no choice.  Instead of a hit game like Cooking Mama that save Majesco, they got a president who knows a lot about hit games.  Problem is, that won’t solve them if they just bank on, and lets really be honest about this, Saint’s Row.  We all hope Darksiders 2 sell copies of their hit franchise.  
THQ though isn’t a big developer like EA or Capcom or Namco for that matter but if Darksiders or Saint’s Row become that Cooking Mama, we might not get many games out from that company.  With Majesco, they took a risk on a lot of titles that put them in trouble also but Cooking Mama for DS with a 19.99 price point sold tons which rescue the company and still to this day, the games in the series still sale.
I don’t think its THQ but it is just us buying their games.  We wait for a review score or we just don’t like that game in general.  Can we blame marketing or is it lack of info? Whatever the cause maybe, I think a lot of us wouldn’t be hurt if they closed but in order to have a variety of products from different companies, we need companies like THQ to give us those competitive games we wouldn’t expect.  De Blob and uDraw were successful on the Wii and help THQ financial when all the other games that weren’t selling.
If uDraw were the Majesco Miracle THQ they were betting on, they shouldn’t have released it for 360 or PS3.  It made them money on the Wii and they had more potential to sell it to kids and help educated them in art.  The other two systems were for a older crowd and they thought they could capture kids there too.  Alas though, it backfired on them.
I think THQ will find their Majesco Miracle.  Some say it’s the Saint’s Row games but if what Jason Rubin have us to believe, they might want to start some 3DS games right now that is going to be a seller for them now.