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Metal Gear Solid 4

A free update for Metal Gear Solid 4 came out this week on the PlayStation Network, which adds Trophy support to a game fully four years old.

The list include the standard tasks like "complete this level" or "defeat this enemy in this way," but buried deep among the secret Trophies is an action so random, bizarre, and pointless that I couldn't help but reach two conclusions:

Which single action could possibly sum up so many things? Solid Snake can break the dick off of a statue.

The Trophy description is a little more tactful than that: "Broke off the most important part of a statue," it reads. Here's what it looks like in action:


Can you think of a better metaphor for Trophies and Achievements (not to mention Steam Achievements, and Pogo badges, and FourSquare, and Klout, and…) than having gamers go out of their way to manipulate a penis? I can't, and I actually like going after those things.

…by which I mean Achievements and Trophies.