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My favorite Nintendo DS game isn't a role-playing, adventure, or Metroidvania game. It's actually Style Savvy, a game about building up your clothing store, dominating fashion competitions, and landing the lonely benefactor that made your store possible.

Unlike every other game on the DS that is trying to entice the girl-gamer market (don't get me started on how horrible that entire concept is), Style Savvy is a well-made experience bursting with all the passion found in Shojo manga and teaches very important concepts like appealing to your customer's tastes, budget management, and competition. It does the same "girly" stuff as pretty much all of Ubisoft's Imagine games but in a less pandering, overtly childish way.

OK, this game has been out for like, forever, so why am I mentioning it now? Well, earlier this week, Nintendo revealed the release schedule for its upcoming 3DS titles and Style Savvy: Trendsetters is one of them. This October, you can build a whole new clothing store…but this time you also sell Men's clothes!


When I was a lot younger (like around 12), I wanted to design clothes for men. I liked suits but didn't like the horrible things people wore in the '90s. I guess that is why I really love Style Savvy. My love for fashion never went away, despite not having much interest in actually keeping with it myself.

I hope Trendsetters expands on the adventure game-esque concept of matching a client's tastes with your inventory. Sometimes customers will only wear a certain brand, but if you can find a suitable piece of clothing from another designer, you just might change their mind. The trick is knowing when to take that gamble.

Ugh, October 22 can't get here fast enough! I want to match scarves to suit jackets!