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You’ve worked hard. You’ve created what you think is an incredible game. But no one’s buying, and you’re sick of turning one pack of ramen into three days’ worth of sustenance. You wish those damn journalists would just take one little peek at your pride and joy, because you’re sure they’ll fall in love and lavish it with words of praise, giving it the attention it so desperately needs.

Well, I’m here to help. Maybe.

I noticed that a lot of you indie developers recently started following me and even pitching me on Twitter. This gave me this (hopefully cool) idea:

Pitch me your underappreciated, underexposed, totally awesome indie game in a single Tweet. We’ll pick out the top 3-5 pitches then write about those games in an upcoming article (or articles) on GamesBeat.

Note: Make sure you end your post with both @DanShoeHsu and the hashtag #GBpitch to help make sure we see it. One pitch per developer, please.

So yes, we’re totally basing this coverage on your 120-character pitch, not the game itself — better make them words count! And please don’t waste our time with shovelware. If we find your “pride and joy” to be complete crap, we reserve the right to change our minds (or to write really, really mean things about it).

The deadline for this is Friday, August 24. Make sure to follow @DanShoeHsu or @GamesBeat for further updates on this project!