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Grimind logo

For centuries, and in increasing amounts as of late, 2D horror games – whether it be point-and-click design or the typical adventure theme such as Ao Oni – have been developed, refined, and published all over the web for the thrill of fanbases from as little as a few hundred to the masses of millions. However, there may be a new card in the deck that brings an exciting form of play; this being "Grimind," a platformer horror game currently being developed by Polish student Pawel Mogila, and could be the next big thing in 2D PC thrillers.

Grimind is the story and adventure of a small creature, whose race is undeterminable, that is exploring and attempting to survive in a strange world of darkness and confusion…but what better way to explain it than to show you its latest gameplay preview?

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Although there is no definite release date, as the above trailer says, Grimind should be out by the end of 2012. As of today there has only been a mere 374 downloads of this game – let's increase that number by having you horror genre-loving players giving it a shot. In my opinion, this is one of the best free (as of now) 2D horror games out there. After you've downloaded and played the alpha v0.3 demo, why not report back here and give your opinion? Also, show your support to Mogila by liking Grimind on Facebook or following his WordPress blog.