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9: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Another fighting game you say? Another infinitely replayable offering that introduces an entirely different take on the genre than your typical game of Street Fighter. Featuring an all star cast that contains favorites from all sides of the Marvel and Capcom spectrum, it's hard to deny the sheer wow factor the game inspires when played at respectable levels. Yet you don't have to be a pro to get the most out of these games as UMVC3 offers easy to use combo options for the beginner as well as the now prerequisite training, trial and replay modes that help you up that learning curve.  Pick your team of three and make them click like a well oiled machine with assist choices and super combos that make even the most jaded gamer wet in the crotchal region. Then when you're confident enough, take your game online and see what you're made of. What are you waiting for?

8:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Just seeing this makes me start humming the main theme














If this list was created during launch last year, it would be nowhere to be seen, I assure you. Saying that, this is near a year later and although the PS3 version still has yet to receive the Dawnguard DLC, almost all the graphical hitches that plagued the game on release and afterwards have been fixed and PlayStation gamers can experience this wonderful game how it was intended. Skyrim is Bethesda's most ambitious game to date and definitely it's best. It's a testament that the game runs as it does with just how much is in there and the overall scope and quality of the game itself. The sense of exploration Skyrim provides is without equal and this is where it truly excels. Not to say the story isn't relatively well done, as are many of the sidequests that will have you traversing the country well after the main quest is finished. You'll easily invest 100 hours into this single disc and still have more to see and do. Skyrim is all that it was billed to be, but Bethesda, how about treating us PlayStation gamers a little better next time?


7: Portal 2












Never has a game entertained me more with dialogue alone than Portal 2 has. Charm and wit abound in this 2011 puzzler from Valve and if there was ever an example of you don't need graphics to be great, this is it. The puzzles are challenging, but always give that eureka moment when you finally figure them out and the characters are something you'll immediately be in sync with. Just moving to the next room will fill you with anticipation of what these digital friends will come out with next. Who knew that a two hour experience would turn into many fans 2011 game of the year. If that weren't enough, they added an somewhat integral to the story co-op multiplayer mode to continue your Portal 2 adventure, with all new puzzles and dialogue to go along with it. Play Portal 2.


6:Red Dead Redemption














With the tale of John Marston, Rockstar took their open world formula, put a wild west twist on it and in the process topped their legendary Grand Theft Auto franchise. Red Dead Redemption truly takes the open world game to new heights and captures the essence of the wild west in doing so. The main story is compelling, full of twists and surprises, the script is entertaining as much as the characters are endearing add to that more things to do and collect than one cowboy can hope to accomplish and you have a game that will have you playing well into the triple digits hour wise. Rockstar even added a very solid multiplayer aspect to the game with many modes to choose from and expanded on both the single player and multiplayer with DLC standouts like the Undead Nightmare add on. Red Dead Redemption is simply the best game Rockstar has ever created.


5: Metal Gear Solid 4-Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4 is on this list because of the legacy the franchise provides and the opportunity it affords a PlayStation gamer. I'll explain it like this, if you were a Metal Gear Solid fan, this game completes one of gamings most storied saga's and while not perfect, puts a stamp and touches on all the points the previous games brought to light. If you are a new fan, then Metal Gear Solid 4 gives you the chance to revisit this incredible series of games from the beginning in a variety of different ways and most in HD. So either its a finale or a gateway to gaming greatness, all of which are reasons as to why Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the top 5 games on the PlayStation 3. On its own, it offers excellent sneaking and tactical gameplay, introducing camouflage innovations not seen in many games even now and graphically the game still puts many to shame four years later. Cinematically it can't be touched. Up until recently MGS4 offered an incredibly robust online game on top of the single player experience, but has since been cancelled with recent patch that finally introduced trophy support to the game. Make no mistake though, to truly enjoy Metal Gear Solid 4 and warrant it as part of this list, you'll have to play the rest of the franchise, but who wouldn't want to do that?


4: Bioshock













Simply put, Bioshock delivers the best single player experience of any first person perspective game this generation. For me, the viewpoint is an acquired taste and one that needs to be used with the right setting to be taken advantage of fully and Bioshock does all this in spades. From the moment you are introduced to the city of Rapture, it becomes as much of a character as the one you are controlling and almost inhales and exhales with the mood the story creates. Never has a game brought to life a setting like Ken Levine and his team have here and the story matches it every step of the way. The gameplay is no slouch either and the first time you face a Big Daddy down will surely get your pulse racing. Bioshock is a must play if you haven't already.


3: Batman Arkham City

















Arkham City takes the formula laid out in Asylum and makes it better. You move from a relatively closed environment to a pseudo open world where all of Batman's nemesis dwell and have their own branching paths or stories. The game is full of little moments and homages to Batman's foes and seeing them realized in this universe only leaves you wanting more. Just imagining the possibilities of the next installment gets your superhero mojo moving. The story delivers every step of the way and Batman's gameplay is better than ever in both combat and stealth. It even introduces an optional storyline whereas you play as Catwoman and while not integral to the story, fills in little gaps where you may have some questions. Arkham City is the best superhero game ever made and I can't wait for the next one.


2: Mass Effect 2






If you ask me what I missed the most in the transition from Mass Effect 2 to 3, I would have to answer the characters. The dirty dozen aspect of Mass Effect 2 drives the narrative the entire way, introducing new ones that stand just as strong beside tried and true favorites like Garrus. From the introduction and Shepard's fall through space, to giving a voice to the evil Reapers and Collectors we were facing in Harbringer, Mass Effect 2 delivered every step of the way with hard hitting action and emotional moments. Bioware also truly varied the gameplay styles and finally changed how a Vanguard played as opposed to an Adept. They refined the combat and stripped away some of the unnecessary clutter in your inventory, while streamlining the menu system to make it less cumbersome. Mass Effect 2 may not be a pure RPG, but that doesn't detract from it being one of the very best games ever made.


AND finally………………I cheated.


1 part 1: Uncharted 2-Among Thieves










Uncharted 2 is the best game of the franchise and that is saying a lot. For a series that prides itself on blockbuster moments and storytelling, Uncharted 2 sets the standard to which almost all big budget action games measure themselves by. It does so many things well that it's difficult to pick just one. Along the way you are introduced to new characters that compliment both Sully and Elena and as you move towards the incredible climax, huge plot twists and turns keep you on your toes the entire time. Some rag on the final boss fight, but I for one accept Uncharted and its fantastical elements, we are chasing after legends and fables after all and sure, the antagonist is somewhat one dimensional, but he feels dangerous and proves that along the way.

NOTE:You'll notice that the first game didn't make the list and that is for a few reasons. Redundancy is one, but I feel that everything Drake's Fortune accomplished has been pushed so much further by its sequels that they do the original its own service. You should definitely play the first, but the second and third games are the where the Uncharted series truly shines.


1 part 2: God of War 3










Since the PlayStation 2, the God of War franchise has pushed the limits of what fans want in terms of action and graphics and God of War 3 is no different. If there is another character that is more identifiable in PlayStation's stable than Kratos, I'll pay you to name me one. Kicking ass with Kratos has always been a joy and it looks and feels better than ever. The game is still among the best, if not the best graphically on consoles today. The action is brutal and more vivid in HD and the tale God of War 3 weaves is as good as they get, well as far as god killing maniacs go anyway. The first hour or so of God of War 3 offers more action than many games give in their entire playthrough and the bosses you face are bigger and badder than almost any seen. God of War 3 makes you feel and see the consequences of your actions as well, something previous games haven't done nearly as well and everytime you kill a god, the world suffers. Along with Uncharted, no franchises do big moment gaming better than God of War.

Oh you don't agree? No surprise there, leave your comments, concerns and complaints below. I tried to be as unbiased as possible, but that isn't really possible in these lists is it? Thanks for reading.

Honorable mentions and some short reasons they were left off:

Killzone 2&3 and Resistance 2&3-Better single player shooter campaigns and better online shooter options out there than what these provide. Strong games nonetheless.

InFamous 2-Explained in the list.

Uncharted 1-Explained in the list.

Fallout 3&New Vegas-While they have very strong worlds and stories, the games are ugly as it gets this generation and are still riddled with bugs.

Dead Space 1&2-Probably makes the next 5 if I went to 30.

Deus Ex Human Revolution-Excellent game just others do what it does better.

Final Fantasy 13-2-Not as crappy as many would have you believe, but not worthy of a top 25 list. The game is beautiful though and boasts a very worthy Final Fantasy soundtrack.

Dragon Age Origins-Bioware creates an incredible world that is one game away from being in the top 20. Hopefully 3 fulfills all that promise.