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Nintendo Power

Hey, guys! It's been a couple weeks — a little thing called PAX Prime happened — but you came up with three excellent remembrances of video-game magazines as part of our previous Bitmob Wants You prompt. And they deserve a proper tribute.

So check them out below, and feel free to add your own memories of gaming magazines in the comments. And keep your eyes open for our next Bitmob Wants You challenge — it'll be coming soon!

In loving memory: How EGM2, Expert Gamer, and GameNOW scarred me for life
By Brandon Guerrie

I'm plenty familiar with the old days of Electronic Gaming Monthly — and so is our boss, Shoe, who used to be its editor-in-chief — but EGM2 was a different animal, focused more on guides, cheats, and strategies. The mag inspired Brandon to take a stab at writing walkthroughs himself, so it must have done something right.

Who's to blame for Nintendo Power's death?
By Mark Reeth

This whole prompt was inspired by the folding of the venerable Nintendo publication, and Mark knows where to point the finger: At Shoe himself! (Well, not really. Read on for more.)

Magazine memories: A journey from print to digital
By Trevor Hinkle

Trevor charts his path from the glory days of PC Gamer, Games For Windows Magazine (RIP, Brodeo), and the rest of the old Ziff-Davis stable to his current efforts in games writing. "As my favorite gaming journalism outlets crumbled around me," he writes, "I began to take the writing into my own hands." We're glad you did, man.