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You Don't Know Jack

You might say the developers at Jellyvision do know Jack. They've been creating irreverent trivia, writing good (and bad) comedy, and recording hours and hours of smart-ass dialogue for their You Don't Know Jack video game series since 1995. 1995! That's 17 years of…well, a lot of pointlessness. And with the company's recent Facebook release, it's not looking to stop the fart jokes anytime soon.

We asked Jellyvision to stop screwing around for a few minutes to dig through its long history of work for some interesting numbers and stats. Here's what they told us:



The total number of You Don't Know Jack products released (including PC, console, web, foreign-language editions, books, a tabletop game, an ABC television show, an audio CD, Roku, and iPhone/iPad)


Number of lifetime questions across all YDKJ games (and growing)


Total lines of dialogue, custom to specific questions, plus 6,500 generic lines


Total fart sound effects used


Unique fart sound effects


Number of goats that have appeared in questions


Number of Britney Spears references


Number of hidden Scott Baio references per episode, on average


Pairs of tear-away pants used during recording (and counting)


Number of hours host Cookie Masterson has spent listening to Adele in the studio

Every day

How often Cookie has threatened to quit

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