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The games included in the top ten from Steam Greenlight vary from popular horror mods to open-world RPGs.


The Steam Greenlight service is very popular with indie developers.  It lets them advertise their game as a way to get into the popular digital distribution service, and gamers get to vote on what game ends up on Steam.  So far hundreds of indie games were introduced to Steam Greenlight, however a lot were taken out due to spam or offensive material.  There are ten games that will be moving from Steam Greenlight straight to Steam in the future.


Two of the games from Steam Greenlight are Cry of Fear and KenshiCry of Fear is a survival horror First-Person-Shooter made in the original Half-Life engine.  The game starts with your avatar waking up in a dark alley with no recollection on how you got there.  Later you will come across horrible monstrosities that are disturbing to look at along with fighting with:  A floating woman with a fetus equipped with knifes; an eye-less zombie that twists about inhumanly; and the "sniper" bed-ridden patients floating above you.


Kenshi is a free-roaming, squad-based RPG that focuses on open-ended gameplay.  I doubt it will be anything like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but you can interact with a variety of factions and develop a career in multiple classes – from business owner to bandit.  Instead of buying an exclusive DLC to make a home, Kenshi lets you build and purchase any buildings in the game-world.  You can even upgrade it to a fortress and lead your troops to other buildings and raze their city for resources!


The list of games available from Steam Greenlight are listed below, along with links about each one:


Black Mesa
Cry of Fear
Heroes & Generals
No More Room in Hell
Project Zomboid


There are still plenty of other games being added to Steam Greenlight, and more the move to Steam.  Unfortunately due to the spam and false submissions, Steam enacted a $100 entry fee to get into Steam Greenlight.  However all that money goes to Child's Play charity, as Valve doesn't want to make any money from Steam Greenlight.


Source:  Gamasutra.