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Hungry Koopas

This one-of-a-kind toy was once a Hungry Hungry Hippos game. After 50 hours of work, custom-toy artist Kodykoala transformed that simple child's plaything into the Super Mario Bros.-Hungry Hungry Koopas.

Kodykoala is the artist that created the slightly risqué Dr. Mario and Peach figure where Mario is very clearly checking out the princess as she leans over a baby Toad. Despite the subject matter, Kodykoala's pieces are second to none.

The Hungry Hungry Koopas toy is currently on sale at the El Paso Comic Con (as of September 14). If it doesn't sell during the show, Kodykoala will throw it up on his website's store. His figures cost up to $200, but I have a feeling this game will likely sell for quite a bit more.