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At this year E3, the Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games and Square Enix Next Gen Engine, which I’ll call Purify, was shown in trailer form.  With less information on Purify, Wired Magazine covered a story on UE4 and how helpful of a tool it would be.  Now that I rewatch these two trailers, I think UE4 is for Microsoft’s next system, while Purify would work on Sony’s next system.
I hate to admit this but Purify looks so much better though half of developers would use UE4 or their own.  Purify looks more cleaner and not muddy with their lighting or colors.  UE4 made its lava look like liquid jello pudding in a dessert commercial and the pudding wasn’t tasty looking at all.
Even though they are demos, Purify looks exquisite.  It has more than just flash for a CG sequence. I think it has the power to make a game look serious and mature.  It provides a sense of  quality that can make a game story feel emotional, beautiful, and fast.  From the animation of the magic to the flight of the summon beast to the little sparkle in the water from the sun reflection, Purify is Square Enix Windwaker.
Unreal Engine 4 is for goofy B-Movie gun running.  It feels dreadful and great for shadows and, well, Epic Games.  I believe it's for  those gamers who like to have a game that’s high on Syvelster Stallone combat while looking midly pretty and if it’s easier for developers to make games on it, while looking somewhat smooth and that doesn’t tax the hardware, then UE4 engine will make developers not spend a lot of time and money on games that could look decent even though it might be ho hum.
Since Microsoft and Epic have a great PC history with their games and hardware, it is easier to see how the engine would run amazing on their system and maybe chug-a-lug on Sony’s platform but if Square Enix got their hands on a developer kit way earlier and worked on something that surpass their tech demo, Purify might change how all games should look like (this includes Wii U).
I don’t want to knock Unreal Engine 4 without seeing it in game form or praise Purify with out seeing it in game form.  I just believe with the next systems (and not next gen), either of those engines can come out profoundly or can cost even more that close a studio.
What do you think of these two engines?  Although Square’s doesn’t have a name, I think Purify is something just for now as a name.