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Space Invader space

I’m not sure if we can still call this Space Invader mosaic “street art” when it’s up in the stratosphere. The artist Invader, who was featured in the award-winning documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, sent one of his pieces up into the second layer of the earth’s atmosphere back in August. He created the high/low-tech unmanned spacecraft using a balloon for flight and a camcorder to film the voyage.

Invader recently released a video teaser of the event. In it, you can see the balloon pop and the mosaic, or Space-one as he calls it, begins its trip back toward the surface. On his website, he states that, “A movie about the whole project is under preparation. Stay tuned ….”

I can’t wait to see the rest of the footage and learn more about this artistic enterprise. It sounds fascinating. I’m mainly curious to see if the little Space Invader increases its speed, drops down, and then reverses direction during its descent.

Catch the video after the jump.