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The Wii’s Mii Maker music is now in your head.

I bet most of you are now humming that catchy tune, right? The best part of any new Nintendo system is its fun operating-system music. With the Wii U out in exactly one week, Nov. 18, the staff over at Zelda Power went into the console and uploaded all the console’s musical tracks, and they are just as funky as ever.

Jazzy. Tropical. Soothing. And yes, I am dancing to it as I type this. Shouldn’t you be dancing also?

You can download all of the music in the versatile MP3 format from here. If you’d rather just sample the music, here is a link to each song on YouTube:

Boot Up
New Account
Account Select
Mii Maker (Part 1)
Mii Maker (Part 2)
Activity Log
Parental Controls

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