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In an age of polarized gaming when consoles and gamers are largely defined as either hardcore or casual, Nintendo's Wii U stands as the gaming machine without a proverbial country.

Boasting strengths its predecessor lacked such as HD compatibility and strong third-party support, it would seem that Nintendo wants to reclaim their stake in the hardcore gaming market.  On the other hand, Nintendo's commitment to unconventional gaming with the tablet-like Wii U GamePad and their ceaseless promotion of the mini-game filled launch title Nintendo Land makes for convincing evidence to the contrary.

Having a clearer understanding of Nintendo's market focus would make it easier to predict the sort of content and long-term experience we can expect from the Wii U.  As it is, with Nintendo remaining contentedly enigmatic about their intentions, those consumers firmly planted on either side of the gaming spectrum can either commit to the Wii U blindly, or wait.

Considering most major retailers sold out of preorders soon after the Wii U's release date was announced, plenty of gamers seem okay with gambling on Nintendo's new console.  However, despite the optimism of many, those skeptical will be watching closely after the console's imminent launch when the Wii U is finally unmasked and its destiny begins.

Where do you stand?  Where will the Wii U be several years from now?  Voice your opinion in the comments below.