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Wii U console

DJ Cutman pays homage to Nintendo’s latest console with his instrumental album Wii U Grooves. This self-described “lifelong fan” of the Big N samples various songs from the new console’s games and operating system and flips them into a bunch of different music styles. Regardless of what you think about the Wii U, I think we can all agree that these remixes are pretty chill. 

DJ Cutman put together some spacey hip hop, chillwave (more laid-back beats), bouncy 8-bit chiptunes, and even a couple of reggaeton tracks. I really appreciate all the cute titles — my favorites being “Remain Calm & Adjust Your Settings” and “Ask Your Parents for Permission.” The actual melodies in the latter don’t sound anywhere near as mature as the name suggests. 

Some of the rhythms get a little repetitive, but I can’t really blame the producer since the source music is intended to play in the background while players explore the Wii U’s games and applications. If you dig Wii U Grooves, you can name your own price to download a copy from DJ Cutman’s Bandcamp profile.