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I'll admit, I wasn't going to order this figure initially, but my Zelda fanboydom eventually got the best of me. I'm glad I did pick it up, because it's really an awesome addition to the collection. Plus, I thought it would be a fun figma for cameo appearances on the @LinksAdventures twitter account.  Lets take a look at the figure, shall we.


This version of Link is based off of the Skyward Sword character. While I have yet to play Skyward Sword,  the figma has a signature, Link look that's familiar enough to any Zelda fan.


Link comes with his classic weapon set – a Hylian shield and The Master Sword with scabbard. The detail on both is fantastic.


One detail I really liked about the shield was the addition of the leather forearm strap along with the handle. Both the strap and handle are removable, so you can switch arms, or attach the shield to Link's back along with the Master Sword.




In addition to Link's weapons and standard 'gallant' expression face the figma comes with 5 left/right hands, an alternate face & hair style, display stand and a… 'whoosh' attachment for the sword.


I had a very disappointing mishap when posing the figure where the handle of the Master Sword snapped. Going to run out today and pick up some crazy glue, but still I'm really bummed about this so I advise you to use caution when placing the sword into Link's hands. 



Again, huge bummer there – but what can you do. I did manage to snap a few poses of Link, but I have to admit that despite how awesome the figure is, my enthusiasm for taking photos was dashed by the broken sword.





 *The rupees were not included with this figure, I had them from my Zelda Gashapon figures


 *Same goes for the heart container – not included with the figure.


So despite some necessary sword repair, this figure is top shelf all the way. The sculpt is dynamite, and there is a wide range of articulation which I've come to expect from Max Factory figmas. The colors and look of the figure are fantastic, especially if you favor a realistic Link (I'm more partial to the Wind Waker style myself).


Link's tunic is a soft, malleable plastic so it will give somewhat while posing the figure, but it does offer a bit of resistance when it comes to more intricate positioning. I also had some trouble managing the display stand  while Link's sword & shield are attached to his back, but nothing too a steady hand and some patience couldn't remedy.


Another awesome video game character from Max Factory & Good Smile Company and one I'm extremely delighted to have in my display case. I just need to get Link's sword fixed and then my enthusiasm for the figure will be repaired. With my quest to finish every Legend of Zelda game, I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of this figure here on this blog.