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Ghostbusters NES end screen

I actually finished a game last night, and it feels really weird. It was Borderlands 2 (and yes, I completed it with my good friend Breaky still equipped). I'm not really sure how to handle this.

See, I haven't seen credits roll on a game in a while; I'm always picking up something new or abandoning the stuff I'm playing for various reasons. I took a break from Assassin's Creed III to play through Borderlands 2, and I put down Darksiders II to play Assassin's Creed III. I've stopped playing Resident Evil 6 while I'm waiting for it to get better, and I hung up Demon's Souls because I was tired of editor Rob Savillo's constant requests for progress reports.


I haven't finished The Walking Dead because it sets off my anxiety, and I more or less stopped playing Trauma Team because of those goddamned endoscopy cases. I haven't gotten around to completing Gravity Rush for two reasons: open-world paralysis and because I'm pretty sure "Gravity Rush didn't wow me" is a magic spell that makes writer Mike Minotti's head explode.

I haven't completed anything since September 14. It was Mark of the Ninja, by the way.

But back to Borderlands 2: What do I do now? This game is particularly tricky because I've only really "finished" it in the most basic sense of the word. I could keep playing to pick up some more Achievements, start over with a new character, or try out a higher difficulty level. Or — and this is crazy — I could go back to one of those other games I haven't finished in any sense of the word.

It's a strange feeling when finishing a game's story only raises more questions, although it's also possible that I'm just really neurotic.