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This should be the last front-page post on Bitmob.

I just emailed the Bitmob staff to tell them that we're shutting down activity over here and officially bringing it all over to GamesBeat — we're finally live there with the new community tools that we've been working on all year.

It was a strange letter to write. I felt like I was saying goodbye in some small way, yet all we're doing is packing up and moving down the street. Most of the Bitmob staff are already actively writing over there. This was nearly a formality, announcing a change of scenery. So I didn't really say farewell to anyone — more a "thanks for everything, now get back to work!"

I won't say goodbye to any Bitmob community members, either. My hope is that you'll follow us over to GamesBeat. We're doing the exact same thing there: mixing professionally produced articles with carefully curated and edited community content. Except on GamesBeat, you'll have a much, much, much larger audience to write for and many more seasoned writers to be published next to.

Are you in? Here's what you need to do:

Head over to GamesBeat and hit the "log in" button in the red bar up top. Then register a new account but use your current Bitmob username. This will ensure that, later, when we finish the full migration, we can merge your old Bitmob stories into your new GamesBeat profile. Until then (timing is TBD), the two accounts will be separate. 

So don't worry. Your current Bitmob stories are still live and around, and we'll eventually connect them to your new GamesBeat page, so they will all live in one place.

(NOTE: If you have any current, outstanding stories that are still in draft mode, you will have to re-create them on GamesBeat. We don't have any method to move them over. If you wrote a story to the Mobfeed within the last two weeks that hasn't been pushed to the front page of Bitmob, you're welcome to resubmit them as a new post on GamesBeat.)

The new GamesBeat is only in beta. It's been tough getting Bitmob to work over there, and we're not completely done yet. Over the next few weeks, we'll be fixing any problems that pop up, plus adding new features and working on that final and full migration. But all our testing shows the system works just fine — and in several ways, it's even better than ever (we have much more control over spam stories, for example). We have much more planned, so we hope you'll stick with us.

If you have any general questions, feel free to comment here. I'll check back regularly and answer what I can. If you have any technical issues or bugs to report, please let us know at

Thanks for all your support over the last three years. We'll see you on the other side.

P.S. Special thanks to co-founders Demian Linn and Rich McGrath. Bitmob wouldn't have happened without their hard work.