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Before I jump into this week’s (and last’s) edition of Weekend Gaming, I have to say – gaming for me has been tough lately. I’m currently on a record break from my home consoles with no telling of when I’ll be able to return. With a newborn in the home, finding time to commit to the couch & Xbox has been impossible.

Luckily though I have my portables which offer a lower time-restraint for entry. Plus, they don’t mind being paused every 2-3 minutes so I can handle whatever crisis the kid is currently throwing at me. While I’m eager to get back to games like Xcom and Halo 4, my PS Vita and 3DS are at least keeping what little idle game-time I have occupied.

Right now, I am still fully consumed with Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita. It’s a highly engaging experience that is very difficult to put down. It’s easy to see why it is currently the top rated Vita game to date.

There is just a tremendous amount of content in Persona 4 Golden. So much so, that even as I near the 20 hour mark with the game I’m still being taught new mechanics. It’s certainly a lot to take in, but I’m feeling more confident with my understanding of what is going on, and exactly what I’m doing.

Persona 4 Golden has now also crept into that part of my brain that keeps me thinking about it even when I’m not playing. When I am playing, I find myself trading off my very valued and limited sleep for just a bit more grinding. Something I pay the price for each morning, but it’s a worthwhile sacrifice to see the story move along and my characters level up.

Combat has ramped up considerably, and I’m feeling confident now in my ability to hold my own. There are some tough enemies out there though, and I find myself being humbled from time to time. Win or lose I’m really enjoying the gameplay along with all the other aspects of the game.

I wish I could talk about things in greater detail, but Persona 4 Golden has been such a surprising delight for me that I don’t want to dish out any potential spoilers to newcomers. I still consider myself a Persona newbie as there is apparently lots to learn. I’m looking forward to all of it. If I could only find the time.