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Square Enix’s legendary RPG ‘Final Fantasy IV’ is now available on the iTunes store for $15.99.  But tucked at the end of FF IV’s release trailer are some hints about the future of Final Fantasy on iOS.

Catch that at the end?  The Final Fantasy V logo is proudly displayed followed up by a foreshadowing “And More…”  The actual FF IV iOS page spells it out even more blatantly stating “More great titles from the Final Fantasy series are coming soon to mobile.”

As it stands, FF I-IV are available on iOS as well as the cult Playstation hit Final Fantasy Tactics and several made for mobile spinoff titles.  All of the FF re-releases on iOS have received graphical and interface makeovers to optimize the iPhone/Pod experience.  Some (such as FF III, IV, and Tactics) are direct ports from re-releases on other handheld devices such as DS and PSP.


At this point, the most obvious entries missing are the alluded to FFV and the SNES’s masterpiece FFVI.  However, with FF Tactics on the App Store one can only wonder if we might see the core Playstation titles (FF VII-IX) at some point?  And what about the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest fans out there?  Am I right?  Anyone?

Stay tuned for more info on all your iOS moogle and chocobo announcements.

Source: Square Enix