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Nintendo’s Digital Deluxe promotion is live and rewards players for purchasing games and content on Nintendo’s e-shop.  10% of any e-shop purchase is turned into points and 500 points equals a $5 e-shop credit.  Here’s an example:

Say you buy New Super Mario Bros. U for $59.99 on the e-shop.  10% of that purchase ($5.99) is converted to 599 points.  These points can be redeemed on Nintendo’s Promotion website for $5 e-shop credit.  For this example though, the purchase of NSMBU yielded 599 points.  500 of these will be used redeeming the $5 credit, the remaining 99 points will remain in a tally towards your next 500 points.

With the ever growing popularity of digital downloads, it’s a nice incentive to visit the e-shop more often.  Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you’ll need to take advantage of the promotion:

  • Nintendo Wii U Console Deluxe Edition (the black version of the console that comes with a 32 gig HDD and NintendoLand)
  • A Nintendo Network ID (which should be tied to your Deluxe console)
  • Access to Nintendo’s Promotion website
  • Make a purchase on the Nintendo e-shop

It’s that simple!  But remember, this promotion only applies to people with the Deluxe Edition console.  At present, the promotion honors all digital purchases made by December 2014 and all codes must be redeemed by June 2015.

Source: Nintendo3DS_NewMario2_2_char01_E3