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Dishonored skull

Decisions, decisions — should I be a good guy or a bad guy? That’s the first question I ask myself when playing games that offer the player a moral choice. I was very excited to play Dishonored as soon as I heard about it in early 2012, and feel that it lived up to the hype. This first-person stealth action shooter offers variety in story structure depending on if you choose a righteous or corrupt path and will definitely make you want to see the difference in Dunwall between low and high chaos.

I chose the path of good on my first play through the world of Dunwall, making sure Corvo Attano did his best to not kill any foes thus keeping chaos low in the world. Dishonored did well where Deus Ex: Human Revolution failed — the key targets could either be killed or eliminated via other means. It’s that key design element that makes each mission go from being a simple “eliminate the target and leave” mission to aiding allies in order to attain a less vicious way of dispatching your foe.

Dishonored boat man

The fluid controls also make it that much easier knock out and assassinate your targets. When you get Blink, Corvo’s first superhuman ability that enables him to teleport, you find out just how powerful Corvo can become. Word to the wise if you haven’t played it yet: I went into the game trying to get the achievement for only unlocking Blink, but it turns out that if Blink is upgraded, you won’t be able to unlock the achievement.

Small details with the sound are always a nice touch to a video game. When doors are open, conversations sound loud and clear; when doors are closed, the conversations are low and muffled. The sound of rat swarms scuttling along corridors were creepy, but even creepier when they began devouring the threatening thugs.

Rat plague writing

Bethesda created a fantastic world and paired it with gameplay that can satisfy fans of Thief and Deus Ex. By choosing a path of good or evil, the replay value is very high in a game like this. Dishonored does stealth and action well and I definitely recommend it as one of the top games of 2012.