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We’ll never understand revenge. In games, it’s our main character purpose. Whether it was from some evil accident or lost of a love one or even betrayal. There are a lot of reasons but in real life, revenge have consequences different from video games.

So what is the importance of revenge in real life? For some of us, it is the victory of defeat. You hurt someone worse than what you encounter. The mental state of your mind can return to the normality it once was before your sanity went wild. There are those who see revenge as a way to prove a point. For others, they believe that the other person feels that hurt and sadness and angry that you feel.

In video games, it can range from Dr. Robotnik executing his revenge on Sonic due to Sonic foiling his plans, to Max Payne getting revenge for the death of his family. Games, with linear stories waiting to be played out, have a definitive conclusion depending if its justified or not. It brings character development to the player to show what road they will be heading toward. Unless something changes in the character or story, you’ll probably see what the revenge will look like in the end and how the person handles it.

As for real life, it’s a unexpected conclusion. You can never understand what drove them to the actual execution. In life, we have a hard time of letting things go and when revenge is a powerful belief in the mind, bad things will only come out of it. Rather it’s a life, more problems, or someone doing something on that person’s behalf. It’s not a video game and it’s not a story.

So where does that leave us? Well, with the way these tragedy events that have happen, it has been for the worst. Regardless where the blame is place or come from, some form of revenge was executed for the executors belief. Games get blamed for it easily but how long will that argument last when nothing about that tragedy has to do with anything with video games but pure revenge done out of spite of that person/group?

What do you think of revenge and do you think it is something that is justifiable in real life?