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Dead Island Riptide

Trigger warning: Violence against women.

Butchered and bloodied by the Male Gaze
Misogyny and games, Deep Silver’s malaise
Zombie Bait nets an unintended reaction
No word yet of product retraction

Is this the way to sell a game?
A woman butchered, bloodied, brutally maimed
Reduced to breasts and washboard abs
Requisite blood, wounds, and weeping scabs

Should I mention that the tits were clear
of wounds, of gore, naught but blood smear?
Is this all that women are good for?
I ask with memories of “Feminist Whore

The Internet exploded regardless
Responses you’d expect, no points if you guess
“Would anyone care if it was a dude?”
Why wasn’t it a man chopped and displayed half nude?

Is this about sex and how it sells?
Who would find this hot? It just repels
Who would pop this on their coffee table?
I for one, would not be able

Yes, the publisher begged for fans’ forgiveness
Even though more than once had they been careless
Catherine also tainted by their sloppy sales pitch
Lap dances and strippers — another marketing glitch

Let’s hope we learn from Torsogate
Stop reducing women to nothing but bait
Their will and form, for men dissolved
Demand more than this Milkshake Resolved