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2012 came and went right before our eyes and to be honest I have been struggling to remember what happened in this year to do with gaming. I remember there were promises of great games and the start of the next gen of consoles.  But did this year really live up to anyone’s expectations?

Just like most years 2012 had its highlights there wasn’t many of them but when there was one my god there were good, lets start with my personal highlights of 2012.

The Walking Dead: Episodes 1-5

This game was outstanding in everyway for me there was nothing like it when it comes to story. I don’t think I have ever had any kind of emotional bond to a character until I met Clementine and then all that matters in this game is keeping her safe.

Rock band blitz

Rock Band Blitz, okay then it wasn’t an amazing game and it doesn’t do much when it comes to playing the actual instruments, But being a big music game fan made me like it more as this allowed me to play a rhythm game without having to dig out the old plastic instruments. So in my books it was kind of a revelation for music games.

Little big planet vita

This game changed things for me as it finally gave me something that I could play on my PS Vita that was actually fun instead of the random quickly put together rubbish that I had been experiencing since the release of the Vita.

Borderlands 2

As a big fan of Borderlands I was really looking forward to the second one, but I never really knew what to expect from it when it comes to the actual story, and even though I was a little disappointed with the ending I still loved the gameplay and the voice acting.

Halo 4

Oh sweet, sweet Halo how I missed you, nothing in this year got me as existed as the release of Halo 4 it was a game that I didn’t expect anything less that brilliant from and didn’t fail to bring that even though it wasn’t Bungie behind it 343 Industries did a fine job.

Far Cry 3

This was a nice little surprise for me as I was not expecting the brilliant game that I got I was expecting a game more like far cry 2 which I really didn’t like but I still went and purchased it and I was so happy that I did as this had to have been my Game of the year.

But besides these games there wasn’t really anything that stud out for me or even made me think that this is promising. I will admit that I didn’t get to play all of the games that have been said to be amazing such as Journey and I wish that I had got round to playing it before the end of the year. As well as Mass Effect 3 I was one of the people that never really got in to the mass effect series, as it just didn’t really appeal to me.

But let’s face it 2012 was one miserable year for us gamers and that’s not just because of the release of the less than loved PS Vita or the slow and steady start of the Wii U but because of the way that so many games have changed or in some games cases they haven’t changed enough (Call of Duty I’m talking to you) Change is good for the most part but this year games seem to be trying to get an emotional response from the players which I personally don’t really like not because I’m emotionless but because I don’t really want to be playing a game then all of a sudden stop and begin to cry in some cases this worked Like I said previously The Walking Dead did this perfectly.

Well now we look back at 2012 and look forward to 2013 which is set to offer us a ton of fantastic games, as well as the announcements of the next Xbox and PlayStation so let us say goodbye to the less than loved year of 2012 and hello to 2013 which could offer us exactly what us gamers need, great games and something new to play them on.