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What is the thing that you desire? That is the questions that the cave puts to you. The Cave the most resent game from Double Fine from the minds of the great collaborating team that brought us games such as Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer.

 The Cave takes us back to the roots of adventure games and allows us to delve deep into the mysteries of…The Cave, The game offers us the choice of seven characters each character having there own unique skill and puzzle mission as well as the three puzzles that must be solved every play through. These characters are The Knight, The Hillbilly, The Time Traveler, The scientist, The Adventurer, The Twins and The Monk. A very odd bunch of characters but they all work well in the game.


The Cave unlike most classic adventure games has a slight platformer feel to it, which may make you look at it in a different way from the other games in the same genre. In the classic adventure games you are normally using a curser to “Point and Click” but in this game the controls are very different. “A” is always jump, “X” and “B” allow the player to pick up and drop objects and interact with the environment, “Y” lets you use each of the characters special skills. These controls give the game a very “Pick up and play” feel which is a good thing for both old and new gamers of the genre meaning there will be no problems with getting in to the game. The simple controls of The Cave allow the player to get down to the main part of the game the puzzles.

Unlike most puzzle games that I have played I found my self making it through the majority of the game without any problems, this was something that I personally think is a blessing as I managed to not get stuck on one puzzle for an hour and have to resort to the help of the good old internet. This has a way of making you feel smart with out having to sit and think for a large amount of time.


Like most games made by Double Fine The Cave is not sort of humor, Okay so not every joke made in the game is a laugh out loud moment but most of them are a hit and make the whole experience more enjoyable, even if the humor was missing the game would still be a great little experience.

Most of the humor in The Cave comes from the cave itself. I know what you are thinking how can the humor come from the cave? Well the cave is the narrator throughout the game, when you actually put it in to words it sounds a lot sillier than it actually is. To tell the Truth the cave works exceptionally well as the narrator as it has a lot of inside knowledge of the previous people that have tried to find what they desire. Also Stephen Stanton (I believe that is his name) does a fantastic job of voicing the cave and was a great choice to do the part.

One of my favorite parts of the game is the artwork you may not look at it as a great leap in graphics but it still has a feel to it that makes the cave feel dirty and wet as a cave should be yet kind of easy on the eye with great uses of light and color. I personally believed that the creatures that you encounter during the game look outstanding and are well worth having a closer look at if given the chance.


Even with all of this The Cave still has it’s draw backs mainly with the jumping mechanic. Even though the jumping isn’t exactly bad every now and then you will have a jump that goes wrong coursing the character that you are playing as to get stuck or just fall when you are trying to get from one side of a gap to another. There is also a small problem with repetition even with the amount of puzzles that there is especially if you are a player that likes the achievements. To get them all it may take you around 5 or 6 play troughs and this may get a little boring unless you mix up the characters when going through it.


Overall I believe that The Cave is one of the best arcade games that I have played and with a price tag of 1200MS points (which is around £15.00) is a must buy for any fan of Puzzle/adventure games or a fan of Double Fine’s previous work. It may not be the longest game you have ever played but it does have a great amount of replay value as well as a fun quirky look to it.

Score 8/10