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I see you there looking at this screen. You’re bored from work or just plain bored with life, am I right?

I am wrong?

Good lord I am not a mind reader but I can throw an acronym at ya. MOBAS! Let it mull in your brain.

I know you’re wondering if MOBAS are worth delving into. And I am no expert on MOBAS.

Wait, what the hell is a MOBA?The same damn question I asked my friend Josh. “Josh what the hell is a MOBA and what does it stand for?”

Multi-player Online Battle Arena…or at least that is what the text says. I am guessing here, cut me some slack.

LOL ,no really League of Legends is a MOBA that is fast paced and easier to play than Defense of the Ancients. I am a killing you with a acronyms, aren’t I?

But here is one thing the commoner does not know is LOL, is now a broadcasted event along with good ‘ole commentary and brackets. Just like the good ‘ole National Football League, LOL, has teams that compete against one another.

A side note is League of Legends by Riot Games also has team profiles. Yep! That means you find which team to cheer for and can look up who is on the team. Balla!

Plus, if you go on there is a great article about LOL. It deals with how largely successful Riot is with the game LOL.

The article is written by Paul Tassi, Contributor.

Also, my take on LOL as it grows and grows on popularity is LOL’s strategic value. In MOBAS one must utilize the brain and ensure full strategic value with a team. This means that a player should make sure that he or she is balling out hardcore. LOL takes discipline and as such players should expect to mess up a lot. Hell, I am a level 5 and I have been yelled at constant times for being in the wrong lanes. But I have good friends that are fantastic in LOL. I mean I am not plugging them in here at all. Either way LOL will continue to expand its popularity through Riot and playing the game. For some reason my brain is telling me to type in Teemo! Teemo! Teemo! Teemo. I guess it deals with me playing him as a n00b and continual n00b. Oh and I like Teemo because he has a goofy hat with goggles attached to the hat. Oh and something that should be thrown in there is the characters. They are all brightly colored and very fanciful.

Please, if you are reading this give MOBAS a chance. I used to hate MOBAS because of DOTA. I did not hate the game. I just did not understand the overwhelming complexity associated with it.

And what’s the deal with taking all the gold in professional matches. There is a term for it. Jungling?

Should I further explore why jungling exists? Or should I just say that LOL is not only a blast but a competitive game for the ages.

I think the latter suffices.