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Updated February 13 with @Treyarch’s response.

I’m a little late downloading the Black Ops II: Revolution map pack. In fact, I haven’t even purchased it yet. Unless your middle and last names are Freakin’ and Chief, then most of you have heard about the (currently) Xbox 360 exclusive content pack. The Revolution downloadable content contains four maps, a submachine gun affectionately named the Peacekeeper, and an expansive Zombies map called Die Rise.

But most of you already know the inner workings of every choke point, flank route, and ledge-jumping shortcut. The maps are great; they add to an already dynamic and colorful collection of set pieces.

The Peacekeeper SMG shoots like a dream. My favorite all-time Call of Duty gun is the FAMAS from the first iteration of Black Ops. The Peacekeeper is like the FAMAS due in part to its recoil and fire rate. The damage effect is similar, and since the Peacekeeper is an SMG, handling the weapon just feels right.

Even the Die Rise map is impressive; albeit, it’s frustrating and hard to maneuver around. I’m sure with time and patience, Die Rise will be as expansive and as enjoyable as the main Tranzit map. The daylight coupled with the almost oversaturated color frame makes it a great departure from the dim, apocalyptic feel of Tranzit.

But the one gripe that I have isn’t about whether the new maps are suitable for competitive league play — it’s with a glitch that happens after an update. After installing the new update to make the Peacekeeper SMG compatible for players who do not own the DLC, I found that all my custom classes were erased (I had two extra), all unlock tokens were missing, and any permanent unlocks I had were now relocked. All of my multiplayer progress — gone. Upon discovering this, my buddy claimed that it happened to him as well, and he’s a 5th Prestige. He’s cut back to only five custom classes.

I reached out and Tweeted @Treyarch about the glitch. With enough patience, Matt Scronce(@MaTtKs), associate game designer, tweeted me back throughout the night.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.01.39 AM

I loaded up the game, and, sure enough, all of my progress was restored. That, folks, is the power of social media.

Right down to the custom class names. :3 Shut-up guys...

Above: Right down to the custom class names. :3 Shut-up guys…