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The technology that the Wii U posses — not necessarily the hardware — could change and define gaming as we know it. What I mean by this is the way game developers choose to use the new controllers can change how a game is played and exactly what games excel on the console itself. As a gamer myself, I am very excited to see which games excel on the Wii U and to see which developer uses these controllers for advantage and don’t just port it from different consoles not embracing what the Wiii U has to offer.

Certain genres I believe will be able to utilize the technology of the Wii U far easier than others, for example if an RTS game were to come to the Wii U the new tablet like controller will make it much easier to use and emphasize certain dynamics of the RTS. Games such as Starcraft 2, and Civilization could possibly be a good thing for the Wii U depending on how the developers would approach putting it on the Wii U.

Bring On the RTS Games!

Imagine playing Sid Meier’s Civilization in your living room with your family and friends, all being able to play on the same TV without having splitscreen, which could be made possible by each player controlling his or her region through the use of the controller, Or if this is not possible, playing over online play could be another viable option. Tapping on the touch screen where to move your soldiers to fight your friends nation could make the game a lot more accessible. Many great things could come out of the Wii U’s new controller, as long as its used for the right purposes, and only when necessary.

Focus more on the games.

I want the Wii U to focus on being a ‘Hardcore gaming console’ which is something I haven’t really seen since the N64, its needs to not have social/media as a primary focus, but foremost the games themselves, this doesn’t only apply to the Wii U, but every other console that will soon be released for the next generation. This doesn’t mean that social/media shouldn’t be a focus it should be put where it would be effective.

The Wii U controller needs to cater to hardcore audiences, and become an effective tool in gaming, not a gimmick, and to do this the controller needs to be integrated in the gameplay, making it easier for the gamer, not harder. For example: The Kinect for the Xbox 360 isn’t something that truly helps gamers, but in ways it can limit what the gamer can do. This is most likely a result from the Kinect targeted for casual audiences and not hardcore, I personally feel stupid when I’m yelling at my kinect to open the disc tray or close it, and I don’t find it to be particularly useful for any games.

Overall I’m very excited to see what games come out for the Wii U and how developers take advantage of the controller.