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Putting an end to the anticipation of all its fans, Capcom announced the launch of the Phanta Rhei engine. Being touted as the most powerful graphics engine, this when combined with the power of the PlayStation 4, calls for a fantastical representation of realistic screenplay. It would not be wrong to say that the power of the PS4 is being extensively exploited to develop the Deep Down video game. With a pseudo-medieval setting complete with swords, sorcery and a host of fire-breathing dragons to slay, Deep down shares striking similarities with the third person action game Dragon’s Dogma.

Even though more details about this action IP (Intellectual Property) is yet to be released, brief snippets shown during the launch of the PlayStation 4 revealed armored men stealthily advancing into a cave to kill a dragon. It also showed fire arrows being shot at the dragon with the intention of slaying it. Designed for PlayStation 4, the gen-next console, Capcom’s footage showed the use of advanced lighting and particle effects in the game, made achievable due to the highly advanced Phanta Rhei engine for graphics.

A game to look out for from the stable of Capcom, well known the world over for their multi-million selling franchises, this game is all set to create a never before seen experience when it is launched. Anticipation for this game is already on the rise with gamers waiting to see what kind of setting it will have, the elements that are introduced in it and what challenges will be put across. Even though a launch date is yet to be fixed and the game is still in its development stages, this game is sure to have a gameplay which will keep the gamers on their toes till the end.

Filled with underground caves and catacombs, the happy hunting ground of the dragons, and knights in shining armor stalking them fearlessly, Deep down is a fantasy game par excellence. Creating situations which appear more real than ever seen before, this game has knights putting up a brave fight before finally being able to defeat the dragons. At the same time these fearless, fire spitting dragons residing in the dark and murky interiors of hidden caves, use their cunning to lure the knights and need no excuse to spit fire on anything and everything.

It is a fight to the finish, a fight which will ultimately see the knight winning. As the tagline says, fear if not conquered will make a man die a coward, the knights too are shown conquering their fear and coming out victorious after slaying the dragons. The teaser trailer released at the PS4 launch ended with a digital message being received by Yoshinori Ono of Capcom requesting him to help out with food, weapons or anything else. This has only served to increase the expectation and anticipation of the fans.

While Deep Down is only the working title as has been stated in the game teaser shown at the PS4 launch, there is no doubt that this game is all about co-operative hunting for monsters. Capcom’s versatility and the powerful features of the PlayStation 4 sure make this a game to beat all other games, once it is released.


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