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In essence, Microsoft’s E3 showing was impressive. I came in with the mindset of “all else equal.” Forget the DRM and the consumer restrictions for just a moment. No, I’m not an Xbox fanboy – I’m just a consumer trying to gauge which system to purchase within a reasonable budget. For a short while, it seemed like everyone was in awe. Like I said in one of my past posts – it’s all about the games.

Respawn’s Titanfall looks like an impressive first-person shooter reminiscent of Blacklight: Retribution.

Seeing Master Chief and promises of “blistering” speeds of (Wut?) 60 FPS had me squealing in glee.

Ryse seemed to showcase the processing power and graphic engine that’s unique to the Xbox One – with parry-attack-block QTE gameplay.

Insomniac Studios (Ratchet and Clank) Sunset Overdrive shows an interesting concept of an open-world shooter – with what appears to be littered with the same humanoid enemy…

Killer Instinct slapped me so hard with nostalgia I had to hold my face in agony – until I found out that the game will have a few different versions. A F2P version with Jago as the only “free” character, and many other versions not yet announced…

Out of all the exclusives shown during Microsoft’s conference, Killer Instinct was what kept me on-board.

That is, until the Sony conference.

It’s hard to argue the sheer one-sidedness that Sony provided. The last 3 minutes were the finishing blows. Splash-screens and YouTube videos examining their “policies” on used games were clear shots at Microsoft. When Microsoft puts the Xbox One into a position where they’re the black sheep of the next-generation, then that almost seems like assisted suicide. Sure, they provided 2 free games (à la PlayStation+) and did away with those dreaded Microsoft Points – but I can’t help but feel like Microsoft backed themselves into a corner.

It’s like your mom finding your stash of pot in your pants pocket while doing laundry and the only thing you can do is place the blame on Johnny from next door.

Look, I understand that Microsoft is looking out for the publishers and developers. Used games saturated the market and in turn, those aforementioned publishers and developers got jack-squat.

But isn’t that rectangular black behemoth supposed to be sold to us – the consumers? It’s hard not to feel a little betrayed when Microsoft is still shoving these restrictions like they’re little bonuses. Their claims of “always online” help benefit us by keeping our games updated seems like they didn’t care about us at all. I’m sure their PR department was working really hard to try and counter all the angry fans. Covering a turd in chocolate still makes it a turd.

It’s to the point where I’m exhausted trying to figure out the reason to renew my Xbox Live subscription. Why should I divvy up an extra 100 dollars? Searching through my Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline, it seems to me like all deck-hands have jumped-ship to Sony and left Microsoft stranded at sea. And when all my friends are chanting Sony, it’s hard to warrant a purchase of the Xbox One.

If that doesn’t sound like I’m “bandwagoning” – there’s good reason. I’m not going to be the only one out of my friends to own an Xbox One.

It just makes me feel like buying a Zune over an iPod.

And I did that – I regret it to this day.

Until Microsoft figures out what to do, I’ll be over at Sony’s – text me when Master Chief comes over. For now, I’m going to scour Imgur for s’mo gifs.