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Sony’s “Playroom” (working title), seen here, is coming bundled with the PS4 at launch. It uses both the new Dualshock 4 controller and the Playstation Eye (which sadly doesn’t come with the PS4 due to Sony cutting the price of the PS4) that is sold separately, which costs $60.

More About The Playroom:

The Playroom has shown AR Games which are: ‘AR Bots’, ‘Air Hockey‘, and ‘Play with Asobi‘. The Playroom is used to show off the new feature of the PS4 and its capabilities with the Eye and DualShock 4 controller.

Its ‘games’

  • AR BotsAR Bots is an augmented in-screen reality ‘game’. In that game you’ll be able to see robots inside the controller that sway a bit when you tilt the controller to one side or the other, and feel the controller rumble as if they’re actually inside. You can also press any of the buttons and  t will light up in the game, or hold the touch panel button which lights up a light in the center and causes them to “look up like they’re seeing a deity”, and by covering the light bar it gets darker. If you swipe upwards on the touchpads it switches to the Playstation Eye camera view, and then if you swipe upwards you send a robot out to the real world (in the TV) and if you keep doing it more and more come out of there. It also shows that you can ‘interact’ with them by swiping them off or kicking them, and if you wave at them they will wave at you back. If you were to click the touchpad you will then begin to vacuum them up depending where you have the Playstation light bar pointing at in your room. [Added Note: You can use a smartphone/tablet, Android, iOS, and Sony, to draw a figure, which gets formed into a 3d object, and sent it into the game so that the robot can interact with it].
  • Play with Asobi: Play with Asobi, which is a flying robot that you can interact with. you can rather make it happy by tickling him, or make him angry by punching or kicking him and eventually cause him to freeze your head.
  • Air Hockey: … Hockey that you play with the controllers sensor by moving it, causing the hockey table to bend.


These games seem fun to play with and will be quite amusing for a while, but I think I’d wait a few months after the PS4 is out so I could get the Eye.

What do you guys think of it?