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2013-07-21 12.41.25This is a test post.  Ignore it.  However I do have the Pebble and have played a few games on it.  Only pebblemines (mine sweeper) seems to actually be playable and fun on the Pebble watch. Even though it is a test post, I wanted at least an image, a link and some text so I wrote a review.

For a game on a watch, it seems to work.  I have played chess, invaders and a few others and its just too inconvenient.  the minesweeper type game, is actually playable and fun.  Go figure. What makes this work is the nature of what make the Pebble attractive in the first place.  its a simple game, you only need 1 button and its came be played in under a minute (if you are good).  Here is my person best at 33 seconds.

Anyway, this is just a test post. If you are really interested in the Pebble you can see more here on PeriVision.