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It’s a hot sticky night in Leeds and I’m backstage at the sizzling Sirloin Saturday’s last night of their sold out ‘Medium Rare’ 2013 UK tour. The Pop Rock 80’s loving sensation have clocked up many a month on the road and are now set to ‘Steak’ their claim for the crown at the latest worldwide ‘Battle of the Rock band’ competition.

The band are now veterans of the circuit and no strangers to big competition. Guitarist Dean earned his axe god stripes winning one of the now legendary Guitar Hero tournaments and feisty singer Paula earned fame and adoration as the runner up of the ever popular Singstar show. Commercial and critical failure followed in both of their ego driven solo projects. This led them to pool their talents and team up as super group Sirloin Saturday alongside Keytar wizard ‘Matt to the Future’ and a selection of ‘special’ guest drummers.

Sirloin Saturday have sadly never wrote any original material but instead they built up a vast array of covers from fist pumping heavy bangers to tears on the dancefloor power ballads. Some have said the band play so damn tight it’s like their following each song note for note on stage and paula is often blasted in the press for giving a distinctly karaoke style of performance.

Keytar player Matt has left and rejoined the band many times citing the reason as mostly frustration from only being allowed to play on certain songs. He has strangely been known to drop out of songs as well but every member of this volatile band has committed that crime once or twice before… The presence of an occasional drummer is also a great addition to the lineup but they frequently miss out on tour dates due to technical issues when setting up the over complicated kit!

All Issues aside, when this band are really cooking and those epic choruses are pumping out its like each band member could suddenly catch on fire and send the crowd crazy who in turn will rise to the occasion every time. The band’s ever changing setlist shifts in style and complexity so often at each gig that you can be sure there’s something for everyone, well as long as you can also put up hearing ‘Big Country’ and the theme from Ghostbusters every night!

When It comes to fashion the sky’s the limit for these guys. From Marty Mcfly’s ultra 80s look to superhero cape suits there’s no telling what they might come out stage looking like. Their outlandish style has grown alongside their confidence and with all egos currently full power they won’t be holding back any time soon.

And so the preparations begin for the now legendary Rock Band competition it may have lost it’s previous place in the spotlight but it still holds a place in the competitive hearts of not only this band but many others too around the world striving for that ultimate five star performance!

Rating: 85/100

Review by Matt Clarke.