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GamingSo the next-gen consoles are now officially released worldwide, and gamers everywhere are strapped in their seats ready to dive into a brand new experience. But with these new consoles also comes a brand new engagement to the already derelict battlefield of an ongoing war.

No matter what website or magazine you browse today, you’re almost guaranteed to find something within addressing sales and popularity of consoles. Its been this way for years now. The leading companies are always finding some way to outperform the competition, which you’ll find in any business, but lately things have been getting too ridiculous. I remember being able to talk to all of my friends about video games peacefully, without the debate of which console is better and which is more visually appealing. Everyone could just talk about their favorite video game, whether it be on a console, handheld, or computer. I was born in the 80’s, so I grew up with the Nintendo’s and Sega’s. I played anything that looked interesting, and didn’t care what had a better rating or looked “real”. I played it because it’s a “new world”, a reality that differs from anything this world could ever witness. I consider myself a hardcore gamer. I will play anything that pulls me in, whether it be on an Xbox, Wii, or PC. It doesn’t matter to me, and it never will.

Apparently that’s not the case these days.

Since the release of these next-gen consoles, everywhere I turn I see comparisons between graphics and game play. It’s getting to the point where I won’t even bother visiting certain sites anymore. The only thing that these “authors” and “editors” are doing is fueling a fire that has already been spreading too quickly. Video games are meant to be appreciated equally, but instead get hated on because the designer decided to focus on a single console. For instance, Bungie released their first major hit, Marathon, on PC, followed by Halo with the Xbox, and now Destiny, which will release for both consoles. The biggest concern here is Halo, which received an excessive amount of hate by Sony fans. But now that they decided to port their new title to Sony, everyone can be “happy”. Fans of computer gaming, however,  are now also throwing hate toward Destiny, claiming the company started with PC gaming and should be included with the new release. So no matter what the situation, there always seems to be a dispute between gamers.

Will dominance always be a factor in the gaming industry?

Above: Will dominance always be a factor in the gaming industry?

To be honest, I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. As long as there are multiple consoles providing exclusivity among games, there will always be a power struggle in the gaming community. One console releases new content, the other releases two. This battle of superiority is and always will be firmly increasing, and the end result could potentially be devastating for one, or possibly all, of the competing corporations. But, like I said, who knows if and when that will happen. With new hardware on the horizon, such as the new Steam console and the Oculus Rift, this warfare could go either way. In my eyes, there is no winner. I’ll be playing video games on everything until my time is up. There’s nothing I enjoy more in my spare time than relaxing and wandering the worlds of a fictional character (Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, Mario, or Nathan Drake, it doesn’t matter). I just wish the rest of this world would follow my action.