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As I did last year, I thought it would be interesting to survey what the next year has to offer between consoles, handhelds, and PCs focusing mainly on NA by taking a large sampling of what (we hope) will show up on time and go from there with a few thoughts on them in general.

Like last year’s list, this sample was put together using a number of sources cross-referenced between Wikipedia, Gamestop, and what I’ve been tracking myself. Some simply have TBA as release dates though are what I consider a ‘safe bet’ for 2014, but not a guarantee. As Nintendo’s title shifting in 2013 has shown, stuff can change when we least expect it.

And like last time, a number of games didn’t make the main list for a few reasons which I’ll go into below and at the end. This is not a complete list — more like a brief starting point in looking ahead.

One reason why certain titles weren’t counted was simply a lack of information. Everyone knows that there’s more than likely going to be another Call of Duty out next year, but in comparison to other games on the list, there’s not a lot to go on other than it’s going to be an FPS. Japanese-only titles aren’t on this list, either, because of not knowing for certain that they would also be localized for NA.

Scores of indie developers outside of the ones mentioned in this article also have their own games in the oven for 2014 and whose numbers can easily demand a complete listing of their own. A far better overview of the exciting stuff happening there is provided at sites such as the vast community of projects listed at IndieDB.

Indie Gaming Mag was listed as another alternative source in my last survey and I’m including them again here after having read their reversal of their “paid reviews” policy recounted here on Indie Statik. Steam Greenlight is also a fantastic place to check out what indies may be working on or have ready to go with just a little more support.

The mobile market is also beyond the scope of this sample list but no less important. If you want to know more on what that segment has to offer devices such as the iPhone or Android, sites such as touchArcade and Phandroid are also loaded with plenty of info.

I’ve also tried to whittle down ports, though a few did make the list.

So, just to repeat what I’ve said before, this is not a comprehensive list of every game to be released in 2014 — only a very low level survey of what we can reasonably expect next year. If you just want to skip to my thoughts on this sample, please click all the way over to the last page. The pages are arranged into different categories in the following order:

  • Action and Adventure
  • Fighting
  • MMO
  • Music
  • RPG
  • Shooter
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Strategy

Lastly, if you have any games that aren’t on this list but are super-excited about for next year, be sure to put them in the comments to let everyone know!

And here we go…