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What would you prefer? Something that does more or something that does only one of those things? Obviously you would want to get the thing that does more. Xbox one has more features than PS4, it’s a fact. I am not going to lie PS4 is a very good console, but I just don’t see why to buy and I am going to show you my view-point.

Xbox one costs more than the PS4, $100 more to be exact. Xbox One cost $499 and PS4 cost $399. Now that I got that out of the way I am going to tell you why the extra $100 dollars is worth it. The Xbox One comes with a Kinect, which is a sensor that has a camera which records in 1080p and have a built-in microphone for voice commands. The PS4 has something similar called the play station eye, but it does not come with the PS4. With Kinect you can command your Xbox one with your voice. You don’t even have to use your voice you can use hand gestures. Xbox One makes your TV a smart TV.

Now I am going to talk about the hardware. They both have very similar hardware but the PS4 is technically better. I have seen a side by side comparison on Xbox One and PS4 and I could not tell which one was Xbox one or PS4 graphics wise . So graphics is not going to decide which console is better, so throw that out the window. The differences in hardware is not noticeable so you shouldn’t determine which one you are going to get on that. PS4 does have replaceable hard drive just in case you run out of the 500 GB hard drive it comes with. Xbox one, however, does not, but when you think about it do you really need more than 500 GB? The Xbox one weighs 7 pounds and the PS4 weighs 6. The PS4 physically looks better than the Xbox One. It looks futuristic while the Xbox One looks like a VCR. Both controllers are similar to their current gen models, but have gotten better in many areas including haptic feedback. The PS4 got a touch screen and a sharing button and has improved in response and is a lot quicker then the dual shock 3 controller. But i for one don’t think its necessary to have a touch pad. The Xbox One controller feels even better than the Xbox 360 controller. It gives you a familiar feel to the Xbox 360 controller, but it show feels great in your hand, which supports playing for long periods of time.

Next, the entertainment features. The basics are Netflix and Hulu which are on both consoles. Xbox One has partnerships with NFL and ESPN. So Xbox One is definitely ahead in Entertainment.. You can talk to other people who have Xbox One through Skype, even though PS4 has Skype most people can’t use it because they don’t have the play station eye. The Xbox One comes with Kinect which gives you a chance to experience hand to hand. Most people wouldn’t buy Kinect if it wasn’t sold with the console. I for one would not have bought kinect if I wasn’t forced to,but i am happy Microsoft forced it because i got the chance to see how great kinect really was. Coming back to the Xbox One, not only entertainment, but it is also a great gaming system. It has many great title launches like Forza 5, Ryse, and Killer Instinct. The PS4 is a great gaming console too and has great title launches like Kill Zone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and DC Universe Online.  If they both are great gaming consoles then why not get the console with great entertainment features?

The PS4 and Xbox one both have an annual subscription that you pay. The PS4’s cost $50 a year and the Xbox One costs $60’s. But when you don’t have a subscription on PS4 you can still use Netflix and multiplayer on free to use games unlike Xbox One which won’t let you do basically anything. Here PS4 is definitely ahead but of your going to buy a $500 or $400 console you can probably pay an annual fee of $50 or $60. PlayStation Plus has proved itself to be better than Xbox Gold in the past on the PS3, but now that its caught Microsoft attention, Microsoft will try to compete with PlayStation Plus and will bring the two free games a month to Xbox One gold members which is great. This could give Microsoft a chance to bring great games such has Halo 3 or Gears of war to the Xbox One.

The Xbox One has a friendlier interface. It is very similar to Windows 8. PS4 has a more advance and complicated interface. Also since the Xbox One has Kinect it makes it even easier because you can use voice commands. So again the Xbox One tops PS4 in something else. The Xbox One is the better console its comes with better features and it’s just as much as a gaming console as a PS4 is.