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What is your  name? Amanda Ripley.

Xenomorphs are really disgusting things aren’t they? They’re not disgusting but visions of an alien in a sci-fi universe that Ridley Scott imagined. Xenomorph’s have tails. The tails lash and will whip. Except their very nature and eerie appearance makes gamer’s and movie goers cling to their seats. Oh and they have silver teeth. There is no popcorn or gun that can save you from a Xenomorph in the newest Creative Assembly Title Alien Isolation.

Alien Isolation from the previews seems just that eerie. Enclosed, and horribly frightening. The player has the choice of an old-school motion tracker and a torch. Thus, far these are the only weapons and gear from the trailer. It seems like Creative Assembly is going back to not just roots but utter homage to the original Ridley Scott Alien film. Corridors that seem cramped offer little to no lighting, highly reminiscent of the dark terror Amnesia. Believe you me that game was the most frightening game this side of dark and damp Texas. The game featured not just ambiance but palpable atmosphere. Games that drip and otherwise ooze with atmosphere should be on gamer’s radar just like that blip that might be a Xenomorph, on the old school radar.

This Xenomorph from the trailer is a HR Giger’s original. Those that aren’t familiar with a Giger original Xenomorph, means it features a skull past that nasty slimy gigantic head. Yes, that skull is delved deep inside that large hot dog crescent head.

Screw the meat and potatoes. This game thus far is all about how to react to the situation present. Having no weapons limits the ability to pulverize the alien into Plato -gooish -mush. Not like your mother used to make for you in a big ‘ole black kettle. No not having weapons means “Having your wit’s end” at hand. Making smart choices so as not to alert said gnashing Xenomorph.

Oh and the Artificial Intelligence has a trick up its sleeve. It even scares Creative Assembly’s team.  Picture this: You’re sitting huddled down next to a health box. You peer over the edge and see the Xenomorph. Just a portion of its amazingly slender and tall frame. It crawls ever so slowly around. You think it is gone. You make a run for the exit. All hell breaks loose as it runs you down and kills you.  The AI  relies on an incredible system. It is unpredictable. It sees you when your sleeping and it knows when you won’t ever sleep. For if you do it will be  in your face gutting you with its violent silver teeth.

According to Game Informer’s Jeff Cork, “Creative Assembly has built the alien (notice the singular there) to take advantage of its senses. If you run, it’ll hear your footsteps and head toward you. If you make the mistake of peeking out from cover just a bit too far, it’ll notice your head and attack. It can hear the sound of a locker closing, turning what you thought was a temporary refuge into a vertical coffin.

In other words, this alien isn’t the bullet sponge you may have grown accustomed to. Amanda will eventually become armed with weapons and traps (which can be found or crafted), but she’s still far from invulnerable. Creative Assembly says the alien will learn, too. As one example, the creature could pick up on the fact that the silence between magazine reloads indicates that Amanda is temporarily vulnerable and act accordingly.

What this means is playing smart is a must. Moving slowly and using line of sight is your weapon. Being tactically savvy and rearing to survey the situation besides jumping in is intelligent. Thinking first rather than diving in is mandatory. A lot of gaming sites say this could be the Alien game we have always wanted. Instead of the schlock that was Colonial Marines.

Alien Isolation

Courtesy of Giger

Above: Courtesy of Giger