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This new project Bungie is working on is going to be one of their finest games they have created; it is going to be a game that everyone is going to be talking about. The art direction is reminiscent of their previous work. The detail that they put into their games is legendary.  They have taken all they have known and into this new I.P.  With the inclusion of drop in drop out cooperative game play with your friends and people around the world. Just imagine, when you and your friends are playing and a huge alien battleship, comes down from the heavens, and creates craters and pushes everything out of its way, to wage war against you, and people from around the globe all come as one, to face this threat. They said the each player will have their own personalized character, that no character will look the same or play the same. This game is going to be epic, must play for any fan of first person shooters and MMO, players.


Halo 5

The trailer for this game was so amazing. It had master chief, walking on what looks to be another  forerunner planet, searching, for any hints of his long-lost A.I. Cortana, then out of nowhere a forerunner machine emerges from under the sand spreading its wings, and pulsating with power. This game remains a mystery till it is revealed again, it is only going be on Xbox one. And run at sixty frames per second, which is a first for Halo. 343 industries are not going to disappoint on this one. They did such an outstanding job on Halo 4. This title is going to have all the Halo fans “nerdgasm”, this E3.

Titan Fall

Announced as the call of duty killer, which is ironic since the guys that are creating it used to work on call of duty. Titan Fall is a fast paced first person shooter; all players utilize Parkour; which is a French martial art, used to get from point A to point B as quick as possible. This game is going to redefine what a shooter is. It already won a best of E3 award, so expect it to make your brain explode from hype. The gameplay looks like it plays extremely smooth. This is not even the best thing about it. The thing that has me so excited is that you get your own personalized mech that you can call into battle! If you ask me what makes a game even better? Its giant killer robots! Titian Fall is coming out this spring on all current home game consoles.