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This is the first in a series of features that I’ll be calling ‘What-If Wednesday’. In case you hadn’t guessed from the title, this’ll be a weekly feature that poses a hypothetical, game-related question which I will then answer (and request your responses too!). The question for the next week’s feature can be suggested by you, down in the comments section, as you guys will no doubt come up with much more interesting and varied questions than I can.

To start the ball rolling, I pose you this: What if a machine was created which allowed you to be PERMANENTLY transported into a videogame? You would have to live by that game’s rules and restrictions, as well as suffering the game’s consequences. Pick your top 3 and explain why…

1. My first choice would be The Elder Scrolls Universe. Personally, I love the idea of being a bit of a traveller, wandering from city to city picking up jobs (or quests) along the way. Rising through the ranks of the Mage’s and Fighter’s Guild would be epic…heck, just perfecting your Archery skill would appeal to me! I wouldn’t, however, want to be the Player Character (either the Nerevarine from Morrowind, or the Champion of Cyrodil from Oblivion). That kinda stress would end up killing me. Instead, I’d want to be one of the quieter NPC’s…still a Mage/Archer/Warrior, but I wouldn’t want to be at the center of all the action I don’t think.

2. My second choice would have to be the Grand Theft Auto Universe…just to run around, with no rules bar the ones you make for yourself. Unable to die, provided you have money to pay the hospital. Not sent to jail, provided you have money to bribe your local Police Station. Honestly, this would be so much fun I think, and a great test of character…put somebody who’s quite well-respected in real life and give them Grand Theft Auto…you’ll see what I mean? They’re the first to kill the hookers, go on shooting rampages and just generally cause havoc.

3. My third and final choice would have to be the Universe in Fable. When it’s not at it’s darkest and grimmest, Albion is a stunning place! Again, I don’t think I’d want to be the Player Character, but perhaps a guard or one of the shopkeepers? Maybe own a town? Somebody important, but not somebody who everybody is out to get…and definitely not the dog!

So those were my choices, now it’s your turn…share with us the Universe that you’d most like to be transported to, given the oppertunity…let us know what you’d do there, either good or bad!
Also, if you have any suggestions for next week’s ‘What-If’ scenario, please comment below…