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Capcom’s free-to-play dungeon crawler, Deep Down, has been delayed in Japan.

Originally scheduled to enter beta near the launch of PlayStation 4 in Japan, producer Kazunori Sugiura stated in a group interview onDengeki Online (via dualshockers),  “I think we’ll give full fledged information to everyone after the summer, so you may have to wait for a little while beyond the launch [of PS4] on February 22nd,” adding, “Since we don’t want to risk to be told “This could have been done on PS3!” we want to finish a game that fully uses the PS4 hardware specs.”

It’s likely we won’t be seeing this PS4-exclusive in the west until Fall at the earliest.

Deep Down seems to have changed quite a bit since its debut at the PlayStation 2013 meeting. Originally showcasing an eclectic cast of characters and abilities in the reveal trailer, gameplay footage shown at TGS 2013 gave off a vibe much more reminiscent of modern action hits like Dark Souls and Assassin’s Creed. Later in the year it was revealed that the game would be free-to-play, meaning greater accessibility for PS4 owners, yet microtransactions for additional items and content as well.

What do you think of the delay? Is utilizing the PS4’s full power worth waiting for? Are microtransactions helping or hurting your experience?

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