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The Year of Luigi ends on March 18. What a sad day it is. Of course, that just means that it’s time for another Nintendo video game icon to get a little recognition!! So I’m just going to throw this out there like a flame to a moth. I am going to flip the script on everyone, instead of suggesting a hero for a whole year, I have two candidates that I think should get a whole year dedicated to them, and one of them is a revered enemy among the galaxy and on the other hand we have a place of gothic romance with intrigue and mystery with a legendary immortal enemy of man at the helm(and is a Non-Nintendo character), but ultimately I’d like for you all to decide (or debate) who you think among the two should really deserve a whole year dedicated to them and their respective universes.

First, the “Year of Metroids” would be a phenomenal year in the sense of how many different things they can do with the franchise all year round. On one hand you can go back to the amazing first person perspective of Metroid for the Wii U, with the screen gamepad being used for the sole purpose of switching cannon types, turning into the ball technique, and even scanning enemies for weaknesses, info and game lore in the environment. Heck even throw in there a online competetive multiplayer mode a la Nintedo DS version of 3-D Metroid and Boom! A bonafide hit and maybe another savior for the Wii U. On the other hand they can also focus on making the 2-D style of Metroid for the 3DS, which at the same time can be downloaded through the eShop and played on the Wii U if you prefer a larger screen. So it can serve two masters, those who like the 2-D version on the go, and those who enjoy the comfort of their living room or just a much larger screen and a less hand cramping input control. As a last hoorah, they can even make a 3-D a la Prime series for the 3DS that could also be purchased through the eShop and enjoyed on the Wii U as well.

Second of all, (I know this one is Konami and not Nintendo, but hey…let’s dream a little) the “Year of Castlevania” could also prove an amazing lineup of excellent titles all year long. With their tried & true 2-D side scrollers on the 3DS that can also be purchased for play on the Wii U through the eShop. Even a full fledge 3D Castlevania a la “Lords of Shadow” for the Wii U and finally bring that franchise back to Nintendo. All hail Samus & all hail Simon Belmont(equally).

I guess for the sake of a guilty pleasure on the side, I personally would love to see my cherished little Blue Bomber (MegaMan) or (RockMan depending on how oldschool you are) have his own “Year of MegaMan” but with the departure of Keiji Inafune(the creator of MegaMan) from Capcom in 2010 & starting his own company(Comcept) to develop Mighty No.9(a true spiritual successor to MegaMan)through a Kickstarter campaign & it being a non-Nintendo character, I may never see that light of day or the hope of this even being an idea that gets entertained, but one can wish.

So in conclusion, I think realistically speaking or even going to the length to prophesize or predict it ahead of time, i think Metroid(Samus) should(or will!) get a whole year dedicated to their universe & franchise. So more likely than not the clear winner will(or should!)be Justin Bailey!(let’s see how many decipher how Justin Bailey relates to the Metroid universe) Happy hunting everyone!