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The trailer was released yesterday for Wolfenstein: The New Order. When I was watching, my mouth was agape and I was as giddy as a school girl with what I was seeing.  This game rings in an entirely new chapter for B.J. Blazkowicz and it really pushes the boundaries of what the world would be like if the Nazi Regime had actually conquered during World War II.  Wolfenstein is one of those games that’s not afraid to push any boundaries in terms of violence, who you’re killing, what you’re killing, how you’re killing them, etc.  It’s amazing that the developers over at Bethesda were able to push forth an entirely new game and really dive you deeper into the protagonist’s character development as well as explore an entirely new world in Europe.

I grew up on Wolfenstein, so any chance to really examine this game more in depth really gets me excited.  With “The New Order” we’re going to witness the fact that B.J. actually has a voice in this game and can speak for himself about the enemies he’s facing and anything else that may make his character more worthwhile.  Now, while the gameplay itself looks to be amazing, I can’t help but assume that this game is going to be only mildly interesting in terms of its storyline.  I say this because Wolfenstein has never really been a game that capitalized much on the story, but they do focus heavily on violence, but who knows, this could be something very new and very refreshing to the gaming community.  That being said, this game, to me, is very “refreshing” to see come out later this year.  It’s something that while it’s been done, it keeps fans tied to the series and doesn’t leave them questioning much.  Bethesda is full of secrets and they make sure you know it towards the end of the trailer.

The trailer itself sends a lot of information your way and you’re introduced to not much gameplay, but you do get to see who you’ll be allying with and who you’ll be fighting against.  I’m interested to see how the game will develop all of these characters and what their importance is to B.J.  Also, one of the things that nearly made me jump out of my seat at the end of the trailer was the notice that if you pre-order the game, you’ll get an early access Beta Code to “DOOM,” formerly known as “DOOM 4.”  This is yet another reason why Wolfenstein is going to be exciting, it’s going to be a chance for gamers to see what Bethesda has been keeping secret from us for so long.  We all were under the assumption that the upcoming DOOM game was a dead project because there was so much turmoil over next gen consoles and the fact that the game was not doing so well in development.  Now we know that it lives and that we’ll be able to play it in May of this year.

Wolfenstein is just another one of those games that shows us that Bethesda really knows what it’s doing in terms of development and the fact that they have been able to keep the next DOOM game a secret for this long is just another testament to that.  I think the most interesting thing that players will be able to experience in Wolfenstein is not only do we have a main character with a voice and a conscience, but we’ll get to play with new “toys” (weapons) and hopefully they’ll bring back some old ones.  Also, Bethesda announced that this game will be a SINGLE PLAYER ONLY EXPERIENCE.  How frequently do we hear that when a game is released?  So many studios are focused on creating games that are single and multiplayer driven that their games tend to suffer because of it.  I think that there are two possibilities here with Wolfenstein being a Single Player only game; It will either tank due to the fact that it has a story and nothing more past that or it’ll have a story that is just so absolutely amazing that players will be wanting to pop it out and immediately pop back in and give another go.

Are you excited for the new Wolfenstein?  Do you even care?  If you are excited, what excites you the most?  I’d love to hear some comments from everyone!