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Well, the GamesBeat call for Titanfall stories has gone out, and I’m answering that call. But don’t count me in as one of the gamers falling in love with the game.

At around the beginning of March, I downloaded the Titanfall beta for free because I have an Xbox One console. In my humble expert opinion, I’d say Titanfall is stupid. First off, the guns are overpowered as heck. (Everybody on Xbox knows what OP means — which is overpowered – but for these purposes, I’ll write the full word for those not in the know.)

Press once, and it shoots all the bullets for you. The smart pistol can kill automatically if locked on enough, and the burst guns can kill in two bursts. Many YouTubers said they liked it, and they are uploading way too much Titanfall gameplay for my liking as a result.

Titanfall is Too Futuristic, Without the First-Person Shooter Feel

To me, Titanfall doesn’t have that first-person shooter feel, even though it is a first-person shooter game. Of course, the scuttlebutt says that those of us used to Call of Duty and Battlefield must adjust and adapt to the Titanfall mindset.

It’s also too futuristic. I’m so used to Call of Duty and Battlefield in general that Titanfall feels like weirdness because the maps are way too fricking big, and there are too many hiding places to hide within, which isn’t a good thing in my mind.

Then you have this big titan that falls down onto the ground and you can step on enemies and it only takes one step — which is really weird.

I really don’t like that game, as you can tell, and I quickly abandoned giving it a whirl. But perhaps I’m being too harsh, especially in light of those waxing nostalgic about making memories less than one week after its release.

I only played it once or twice for a couple of days. I played the multiplayer game with six other people, since only six people on each team can play on such big maps, which means 12 people in all. But the bots don’t do anything. With Battlefield, you can play up to fricking 64 people at a time.

Rager Alert, Rager Be Gone

I know I sound like a “rager” right now, but I’ll give it some props: Titanfall isn’t as terrible as Call of Duty Ghosts, the worst game ever. Maybe I’m just a hater. Maybe I just need to play it more. I only played it a few days.

Perchance I decide to give famous mechs like Metal Gear REX, Jehuty, and Hitler another try and for some reason start to like Titanfall, I just may update my review. On the other hand, stick me in a set of cheap hotels on vacation somewhere dreaming up my own successful rendition of a new and better game or app, and I won’t have to worry about “rage quitting” on games like Titanfall.