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Perhaps you have a young artist on your hands, a pint-sized Picasso who craves some kind of entertainment or gaming app that helps inspire their creativity and fuels their desire to learn more about their gifting and craft.

Help them hone their talents with these following best artistic apps for kids:

#1 – The Disney Animated App

In case you missed this Apple iPad App of the Year for 2013, chances are your kid will enjoy the comprehensive app that gives him or her a peek at the conceptual art behind the runaway success that is the Frozen movie, along with plenty of other Disney creations.

#2 – The MoMA Art Lab App by The Museum of Modern Art

The Parents’ Choice Foundation praised this app as a great way for young artists to learn about masterful works of art, and other fans of the app claim it’s a great way to help children who don’t even like art get involved in an interactive manner. The MoMA app allows them to make their own art, save it and even share it with others if parents choose to turn on that sharing feature for social media networking. Download that puppy if you’re looking for a perfect app for art creation on the go. Best of all is the fact that the app, which is designed for kids 7 years of age and older, is free.

#3 – Sketch Club App

More advanced young artists who are fans of Photoshop might like Sketch Club, which allows users to select various brushes or pens that offer calligraphy styling to create original works of art that can then be uploaded and voted upon. Designed for the iPhone and iPad, the Sketch Club app has a perfect 5-star rating from hundreds of users.

#4 – Kids Doodle App

If vector drawings and calligraphy pens are a bit too advanced for your young ones, the Kids Doodle app is a well-rated, easy-to-use app that lets kids paint and doodle to their heart’s content in a freestyle manner. It even lets them playback their own drawings in a movie mode that allows them to relive how their work of art came to fruition.

#5 – Pop Art Coloring

Fans of the Andy Warhol artistic style of using bold colors in a block style might love the Pop Art Coloring app by award-winning artist Sonya Paz. By offering the option to allow users to create their own pop art renditions of a variety of objects – and to customize individual scenes of butterflies, people, flowers or whatever – this app is a winner at making children feel supremely creative.

Of course, apps aren’t the only place where the eclectic style of Warhol’s colorful block styling can be had – although there are plenty of apps in Apple’s app store that allow for photo manipulation into artistic styles. Parents who don’t want to fill up their iPhones with a plethora of apps can also turn to places like to transform their kid’s artistic creations or standard photos into the same types of styles.

Therefore, no matter if you choose one of the above apps or some other website that helps to inspire their artistic imagination, the main point is to take full advantage of the technology that exists to help fuel their talented fires.